Rosemount Executive Management is based in Brussels and provides management services and support for the Private Equity Firms and for any Private Holding or Entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to help them to succeed in the strategic and operational transformation of their companies and to improve the returns of their business.

In addition we deliver specific services to Banks / Lenders.

We work closely and exclusively with the company's Board or the CEO while we can provide support or help to the functional executives when asked.

We operate at the due diligence and at the transformation level by ensuring that risks and opportunities are clearly identified and quantified. We assess the organisational capability to meet the challenges ahead and provide the support needed to solve the ones that will be hard to solve or the high-impact value creation projects that cannot fail.

We help the CEO’s in charge in a very limited and focused way so that they can lead with their team the high value creation job they have in front of them.

We act as a CEO's support staff for the highest level work. We provide experience, mentoring or coaching for the ones having their first experience in the CEO seat or looking for complementary experience to increase speed in strategy implementation, to minimize risks and to not miss opportunities.

In some other occasions, when expressly asked, we can co-lead ourselves some of the programmes that fit our expertise to guaranty the success of some critical projects.